Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Episode 4: Spring Cleaning/Old is New

This week's podcast resulted in lots of photos! I couldn't fit them all here, so please visit my Flickr account (Quilted Cupcake) to see all the Spring Cleaning Goodness and fun Crochet toys.

Here are a few pics:

This is what happens with my free motion stitching on the back. Front looks OK. Help!

Does the Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washer help with this? I have a drop-in top-loading bobbin - no case. Any success out there in eliminating this problem?

Here's the retro flour sack towel I made using Aunt Martha's hot iron transfers. I so love it! I hadn't embroidered like this before, so it was a learning experience!

Here's the upcycled pillowcase apron I made with my sister Kelly. She has a blog, too - Lucy's Daughter

Finally, here's a peek at my studio - you can see the "used car" pennant :) I love it. I just used triangles, you can use other shapes, too. Pattern: Purl Bee

This week's links:

Container store, Elfa system:

Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios Special Issue:

Please feel free to email me - I love feedback!

Happy Crafting!



S. Anderson said...

Saw your post on Flickr. I am not sure exactly what's wrong, but it looks like your tension isn't right. Does your bobbin have a tension gauge as well as your whole machine? If so, I would take it in somewhere. Are you having this problem with regular sewing too?

American Homemaker said...

I love your apron. I've been wanting to try one from a pillowcase.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean. Here is the tension rule of thumb: If it's loopy on the bottom, tighten up your top tension. If it's loopy on the top, tighten up your bobbin tension (or loosen the top tension).

I've just started listening to your podcasts, so haven't even got to this one. Great job!


Jeanie Weddle said...

I just discovered your podcast through iTunes recently. I am listening to your podcasts from the beginning forward. As for your loopy stitching problem... you may have figured out what is wrong, but I wanted to add that I once had this problem. I took a machine quilting class and learned that if you use a single-hole throat-plate, this can also cure the stitch pulling on the back. I was so glad to learn this and I have been quilting for 23 years, though most, until recently, have been had been hand quilted. I am still on the learning curve with free motion machine quilting but I just love it!