Sunday, July 19, 2009

Episode 10 Show Notes: Tool Time

Completed Projects

I finally finished my first queen(ish) sized quilt - Tossed Nine Patch. I love its crinkly goodness.

Candy Buttons Wall Hanging
Pattern by Vickie Eapen on Moda Bake Shop

Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap, Hosted by Jennifer at Rosey Little Things

Projects Underway
Cable Sampler scarf from Debbie Macomber book Summer on Blossom Street. Each knitting-themed book includes a pattern. Here's where I am to date on mine:

Hand Sewing Needle “book” that I made with felt pages

Pattern from Martha Stewart - her site has tons of patterns, and tutorials.

Link to this project: Martha

Binding Makers, Hemostat and Machine Needle Holder

Spool Thread Holder

My version of a rotating cutting mat

My bad version of the Pink Chalk Studio water bottle holder (my son liked it, though)

My pink Seam ripper

Enter a comment on this post to win your very own pink seam ripper - winner will be drawn at random on July 31st. Be sure to include your email address so that I can let you know if you won!

Links to tools:
Newest ruler QuiltSense
Purple Thang
Extension Table
Holder for iron cord (Clotilde)

Tip of the Week

Site with links to bag tutorials: DIY Bag Lover

Princess and the monkey

Craft on, cupcakes!


Evelyn said...

I've never seen a seam ripper like that - can you show how it works? Have I been missing out on a cool new tool??


Beautiful quilt,and great information, thank you, I love checking out your posts...Have a good week.

Kelly @ PatchworkAndPaperPiecing said...

The quilt turned out gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person.

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

Never enough seam rippers....mine get lots of loving from frequent use :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Great podcast!! I can't believe how much information you cover!!! You lazy suzan cutting mat. I'll bet it works better than the one I bought with a coupon. Your quilt turned out fabulous!! Congratulations. Tami

cindy said...

That was a great podcast. Also you gave me a great idea to mount my lightweight spool holder to a heavy wood base. I love the thrifty idea and the fact that you will shop at Joann' I will look for the lazy susan at a yard sale for my spinning cutting matt. Have been practicing on my singer (not alot of time right now) but it is much better than the newer machine as it is so smooth and fast. I love the tossed nine patch and the yoyo with spiral. Do you sleep? How do you get so much done? I am jealous. Is the tosssed nine patch on the web or did you buy it. Anxiously awaiting your next podcast, it seems like the others have slowed down a bit, except for Alex and Annies. I listen to more podcasts than actually sewing (insomnia). We appreciate your efforts. Cindy

Anonymous said...

the quilt is gorgeous!
Germantown, MD

Lindi said...

I just discovered your podcast. It was great to listen. You covered so much! I've bookmarked your site and will listen again. A suggestion - Annie at Quilting Stash puts on how long her podcasts are. That's helpful to me since I have limited time to listen. It allows me to plan my evenings (I work during the day). Thanks again. I look forward to hearing more.

Scientific Quilter said...


I love your podcasts! You are doing such a good job! I loved hearing about your aprons, your frugal shopping tips, and now your notions. Can't really see the Purple Thang in the pictures in the link, but thats okay. I think the sewing extension table is pretty nice! Take care, and keep encouraged to keep podcasting!!

Margaret said...

Just found your podcast. Love the tips, keep them coming. Thanks so much!

Quiltin Jenny said...

I've only recently started listening to podcasts, and love all of your tips!

I am a big fan of the Purple Thang but have never seen that seam ripper before.

The quilt at top is fabulous. ITA that the lazy Susan mat probably works 10 times better than the ones you buy.

Keep 'em coming!

Jane said...

Thanks for taking time to put together your podcast & for sharing all the great info! I'm a pretty new quilter who also knits & crochets. I think I'd be lost without my laptop to listen to podcasts, refer to patterns, etc. It also comes in handy sometimes when I'm doing watercolors!

dokiquilts said...

great podcast! thanks for doing one--i love listening while i'm sewing. for a seam ripper, i use a straight razor--tiny bit dangerous but much faster--though i only use it on straight-of-grain fabric--it would totally stretch out anything on the bias. and have you tried doing double-fold binding for your quilts? (tons of tutorials online i'm sure)--it's so easy & fast to do. love your lazy susan idea--good thinking!

Joan said...

Love your podcast...I always await the next one. The Dollar Store seam ripper works like a charm!! Joan

Jean @ Quilted Cupcake said...

Hey, Margaret (post number 10) from Hanover, MD - you win the seam rippers. Please send me a private email with your info, and I'll get them off to you.

Thanks to my son, for picking the winning number!

Barb said...

Just a few months ago I finished quilting valances for our bedroom using a wall hanging pattern. I love the way they turned out.
I live in Debbie Macomber's home town of Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

your podcasts get better and better. will post a remark on iTunes. absolutely love the tossed 9 patch quilt - great pattern

Pat in Louisiana

Gatormom said...

Whoever sold those "seam rippers" for $3 is a rip-off artist! Those come 3 to a pack for around $4 at CVS/Walgreen's as "Ardell Brow Trim&Shape". I took a class from Billie Lauder three years ago and she turned us on to them. I've been telling people ever since I found out how well they work, but it figures someone would try to make a buck. Geez. Love your podcast! I get tired just listening to all you're amazing.