Sunday, September 13, 2009

Episode 14 Show Notes: Sewing Tips and Tricks

Here's my finished embroidery picture - from Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray. See the Flickr Group for more fun examples from her book.

Here are the fun wristwarmers I made from stash sock yarn.
Pattern: Toast/Toasty by A Friend to Knit With
Suggested by a quilt blog, but I can't remember which (sorry!)

Here are the wonky blocks I don't love, but I'm not sure why. Here are my guesses, what do you think?

1. maybe not wonky enough? too boring?
2. Too many prints?
3. Bad color choices?
4. Too linear?

Here are the latest blocks, based on Quilt Dad's quiltalong and tutorials. Much better, but still maybe a little "off."

I'm participating in Crazy Mom Quilts' maverick star quilt block project, with instructions from The Silly BooDilly tutorial. Can't wait to try this!

Here's my new design/photo wall inspired by a tip from the show. I used an old flagpole we had, sewed a sleeve in the top of my cheapy tablecloth, added some pipe cleaners to the ends, and now I have an easy-to-transport and store design wall. Much easier to move about than my panel piece.

Close up of hanging action:

My Kaffe Jewels blocks in progress:

As I was taking all these photos on the new design wall, Dusty hopped up to get a better look - thought I'd share --he's so curious.

Links to tip spots: (free registration to see content)

Don't forget to share your ideas for podcast topics. Thanks for listening!



Within A Quarter Inch said...

Hey Jean - great episode! I was sewing while you spoke and ran straight to the laundry room for a lint roller:)

My tip is to recover old cans with pretty fabric to keep your scissors in - it's cheap, it uses what you've got, and it will just make you happy to look at it!

dujyt said...

Hi Jean,
Great tips and inspiration. I'm going to pass some along to my local quilt store's BOM group.
I have a suggestion for a podcast topic:
Creating and organizing a year-long BOM program with your quilt group or your LQS. The big-name clubs are popular, but small, rural quilt stores and guilds often don't have enough people to make the sign-up costs and fabric bolt purchase commitments feasible. Any help from others who have organized BOM groups would be helpful.

Evelyn said...

Hi Jean,

I've been listening to your podcasts, and especially loved the one about thrifty crafting. I just wanted to come by to let you know that I'm having a giveaway for some squares of thrifted linens on my blog ( You should come by and check it out! :-)

Jaye said...

Hi Jean,
I tried to leave you a comment last week, but it didn't work. I hope this isn't a duplicate.

I realize that your craft diet was only for September. I wanted to share some of my tips. Perhaps you can use them anyway. I have been on a fabric/quilt tools diet since last September when we heard that my DH may get laid off. I have tried over this past year to use fabric that I have and not buy new fabric. I haven't been completely successful, but I have purchased far less yardage than in 2008. One strategy is to go shopping in my fabric closet. I rummage through bins of fabric that I may not have looked at in a while. Those bins have yielded some gems! Instead of buying yardage for backs, I piece backs with fabric that I have. Yes, it takes longer to piece a back, but it looks very unique and uses first quality fabric. I have also stopped receiving newsletters and ads (changed my preferences) for online fabric shops. That way I am not tempted. I try to avoid quilt shops, which I believe you mentioned in your show. I also sew scraps of like colors together (like all blue scraps or all red scraps) to make new fabric. I don't worry about seam allowances or straight of grain and have come up with some interesting new fabric. I also think about fabric that I have or groups of fabric that will work for a project rather than thinking about buying new fabric for a project. I don't need to have the exact fabric listed in a pattern to make a successful project. I have actually found that I am enjoying the fabric I own quite a bit and get a really good feeling from using fabric from my stash. Hope this is helpful.

Thanks for the podcast!