Sunday, November 29, 2009

Episode 19 Show Notes: Quilt, Knit and Crochet

Pink and Green Christmas Quilt

Quilty links from this episode:

Pat Sloan

Jan Mullen Book

Life is a Stitch Blog

Tree Trimming Quilt on Flickr

Hearts and Blossom Quilt 

Snowman Flannel Quilt Inspiration, mine's a different colorway.

Crocheted Babette Blanket - reminds you of Kaffe Fassett, no?

  Scarf from Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch

Crocheted Scarf from One Skein by Leigh Radford

 My favorite Beret

Jake's new hat - modified version of the pattern I made up:

 Marley hat from Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson

  Bath Mat from One Skein knits - Dog from Heaven!

More Knit and Crochet Links:

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee books  and blog

Knit Picks

Getting Started Knitting Socks

Mason Dixon Knitting

Podcasts to find on iTunes:

Knit Picks
Getting Loopy
Ready Set Knit
Sticks and String

Questions of the week:

Should I change my podcast music?

How would you spend $200 in crafty money (a single purchase)?


Vals Quilting said...

Hi Jean, I really like your blog and your podcast - I think it might be my favourite (have I told you this before?) your pictures are great too. This little hat collection is so adorable, how can you give any of these away??
PS Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Jean, I also really like books with series. Not so much a reader now, rather an 'audiobook reader'. My favorite book of all time is still A prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. Its pretty long and has some good characters. NOt part of a series, but still EXCELLENT.

As far as the podcast music goes, I like the current music, but if you want to try something else - go for it.

I don't know how you finish all these projects you are doing - I can't sit down and work on something for long enough to actually finish anything. I am inspired by you to be crafty and actually finish something. And your work with charity also is VERY admirable.

Of course right now I'm trying my new project which is the blog and podcast I'm working on myself - which is why I spend too much computer time and not enough crafting time. If you ever want to wander my way, I'd love have you stop by (my blog).

Juanita said...

I like your current music. I wouldn't change it. As for spending $200 in a single purchase...there isn't anything I think I need to have right now. But in the past, my 'big' purchases have been Electric Quilt computer software which I really like; Ott-lites with the bulbs for true color; big carrying case for my scrapbooking stuff. If my dh hadn't made me a 'big board' for my ironing board, I would definitely buy one of those. On those rare occasions I iron a shirt, it makes fast work of that. For quilting, it's a great surface for ironing those big pieces of fabric. I use it for so many things in my sewing/crafting room.

EngrSandi said...

Your current music is good. I enjoy listening to your podcast and look forward to new episodes (?).

Have you tried the Outlander series of books, by Diana Gabaldon? If you like BIG books, this series is definitely one for you! They are also available in audio format, so you can combine your love of books while crafting - something I love to do.

Large craft purchase: I might invest in a Sew-EZ table, or maybe the JoAnn version (haven't seen it in person, only in the sales flyer). A floor OTT lamp is a good idea, too.

Ellyn said...

Love your podcast! & the music is fine, I'd use it until YOU feel you need something different. Don't let anyone else dictate who you are!

$200? hmmm I have to agree, a nice big ottlite would be a good idea. If it were me, I'd nickel & dime it away on a huge stack of fabric!

Anonymous said...

I think your music is fine but agree that if you want to change it, go for it. I tend to avoid the podcasts with big chunks of music in the middle because I listen to podcasts for the info and not for someone's music tastes.

Have you tried the Vanna's Choice yarn? It is a nice yarn that is easy on the hands, unlike a lot of plastic type ones.

With $200 to spend. . . I would probably get several things including an extension for my serger and a foot or two for it. I don't quilt but do sew and knit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean
I like your current
music and agree with Ellyn don't change it until you feel you need something different. Hmmm $200 That was a fun exercise. Then I remembered. I've been wanting a serger. So that is what I would go for. I love my old kenmore for quilting. My husband just built me a lovely large craft table. I have the cutting board and lighting I need. So a serger it would be.
Thank you fir the podcast I enjoy listening. I like the knit podcasts you mentioned and I would throw in one more. The knitmore girls. I especially enjoy the mother knows best section.

dmclong said...

Hi Jean,
I LIKE your music, nice and mellow. Your podcasts are great, fun to listen to on my way to work.
$175? How about a fancy iron? My cheap irons only last about 2 years before they start leaking.