Monday, November 23, 2009

Santa Dog Coat

For the pup who has everything this season -- the Santa coat!  I based the shape on a Simplicity pattern - the Santa part I decided on the fly. My favorite part is the belt, which attaches with velcro under his belly.

As you can see, Dusty is no Kate Moss - he'll never make it on the runway.  He wouldn't stand still for a good picture.  I was thinking of adding some jingle bell action, but his collar already jingles.

I made my first donation of hats to the Library collection - so happy to do that!  Their basket was empty. 

Planning for a quiet Thanksgiving Day at home.  I'm also very excited that my crafty friends are gathering at my place this coming Saturday - we haven't been together in a while- it should be fun (and loud!) 

 p.s. - saw New Moon on Friday - loved it!  Am I the only middle aged woman who's hooked on this series?


Anonymous said...

Dusty looks adorable. I'm sure the cat version is coming soon so I'll put my order in now. Hershey will take a large and Cocoa will take a small.

Pam said...

Nope, there is a whole Twilight Mom's movement. I believe if you Google that term it will come up with several fan sites.

I'm a new listener (and reader), and I LOVE it. I've been listening to podcasts for a while, but only recently started looking for quilting podcasts since I figured it's such a visual medium that it wouldn't work out too well. I stand corrected.

I have a couple suggestions - I'm not through all of your shows so far so perhaps you've covered this, but Leah Day is doing 365 days of free motion filler quilting patterns. Her blog is here

Also, while I sew and quilt I also listen to podcasts and podcast novels - has a large selection of free audiobooks - lots of "undiscovered" authors that aren't yet published, but there's a good review system to tell if the quality and subject is something you'd be interested in. I also find that will frequently post free audiobook deals (just search for "audiobook" in their search box).

Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration!