Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keeping Warm

Here's the shawl I finished a few weeks ago. It's my favorite warm-up wrap. It's loosely based on (what else?) a Ravelry pattern. Link here.

It's pretty simple - just keep increasing in the middle. For variety, I threw in a couple of purl rows here and there to add texture.

I used Red Heart's Heart and Sole sock yarn, so it would be lightweight, instead of bulky - about 3 hanks. It's the perfect thing to wrap around my shoulders while working at the computer.  I've used this yarn for many projects, with great results.  It's 70% superwash wool, and 30% nylon infused with Aloe.  Knits up great, at a lower cost than most sock yarn.

 Working on new podcast - will be up on Monday, Feb. 1, due to limits of my podcast account.
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TheProjectBag said...

Ooh, so pretty! Looks like Betty agrees! I'm working my way up to wearables. I am currently knitting a preemie hat, but it's knit flat and sewn up. Next I'm going to try a pair of baby booties knit in the round. Thanks for sharing!

k said...

I love it! The sock yarn is perfect!