Sunday, February 28, 2010

Episode 24 Show Notes: Studio Tour and Tips

Lots of stuff to share from Podcast Episode 24.

Here are some of my blocks for the Paintbox Quiltalong, hosted by Oh, Fransson (Elizabeth Hartman).  For more samples from the group, visit the Flickr Group

 Some of my recent rug swatch/dishcloths

Patterns:  Big Book of Dishcloth Patterns - only $7.95 for 99 patterns!
Spiral/Circle Scrubbie Pattern - there's even a You Tube video to show how to assemble it.

2 Recent Finished Berets - One Day Beret Pattern again

Here are my Studio Photos - you can click on any of these to enlarge them, and read the notes.

 The Candy Bar
 A simple cupcake clock I made using a Target 3.99 clock, and some stickers

Fat Quarter Storage, Also fabric "collections" from one line
 Colanders hold projects in progress
Flickr Studio Sites
Sewing Rooms
Pretty Organized
Flea Market Style
The Art of Display

Articles on Craft Room Organization:

New Mexico State University

Organized Home
Home Organizing Ideas

Carol's web page with links to 100+ Real Sewing Rooms
Tipnut's List of studios
All People Quilt Slide Show

Betz White's Studio on Flickr


machen und tun said...

hi Jean,
i just listend to the latest episode of the Quilted Cupcake Podcast and just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for it (and all the other episodes of course :-)!
i love your positive way of putting things and how you´re staying focused on your topic but always with a little fun story to share and sometimes with some self-ironic twist.
that´s just great!
please keep on doing your podcasts as they let me enjoy my sewing time even more!
with very best wishes and another big "thank you"

Janet said...

I like the sewing room ideas. I think I may have to put some of your ideas to use in my sewing room.
I too have problems wanting to be in a cluttered sewing room. This last spring when my daughters came home from college my sewing room became their staging area for all their college gear. I didn't sew for nearly 2 weeks. I was so glad when they got their items cleaned out of my room.

Stephanie said...

Why is this the first time I'm seeing your Candy Bar? Next time we have a crafty get-together, you may notice my absence from the table for a minute or ten. ;-)

Philipa said...

tickled to be the inspiration behind this latest podcast. My crafting area is a corner of the downstairs room which is what we call the rumpus room - you might call it a playroom or family room. It has the tv and lounge chairs in it. I am gradually taking over more and more of it as more children leave home! Must take some photos....

Hilary H said...

Don't forget to show us a picture or share the link to the adhesive seam guide you spoke about in the podcast. Sounds interesting. Thanks for another great podcast!