Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Episode 26 Show Notes: Vintage Linens

Here are a few of my recently completed projects, as mentioned on the podcast. Links to vintage linen projects are at the end :)
This is the ipod holder that started out as a Droid holder.  Flexibility is a good thing when you're a crafter!

This is the ipod holder's Big Sister - my new laptop holder that I love.  I've been saving this fabric, and so happy to put it to good use.
Here's a quick vintage towel embroidery project I did - can't get enough of these retro animated designs. 

Here's the robot ami I made for baby Jimmy (Hope his mom's not looking at this - the party's not until 5/15).  This was easier than I expected.  I can't wait to make another one for me!


Stephanie in Michigan said...

I love your ipod holder because it holds the earphones, too. I haven't listened to the podcast yet. Did you use a pattern or did you make your own pattern? Glad to see your post. Have been missing you.

Bonnie in Ohio said...

Lots of good ideas in the podcast! Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Jean it was you last year that inspired me to start going back to my goodwill - something I had given up for several years. And because of that - I scored a wonderful bedsheet (probably not vintage) that has the perfect tones for a background fabric. And I never buy light/background fabrics because I never really 'like' any of them - and here is the perfect one - in a bedsheet form!

Anyway I love the ipod holder too!