Monday, May 31, 2010

Episode 29 Show Notes: Quilted Cupcake Variety Show

Lots of fun stuff on this episode.  (p.s. for giveaway, see post below).
Here's the sewing machine cover, based on Spool pattern:

USB Memory Stick Holder

Bagels made in my very own kitchen (they taste better than they look, promise!)

A few favorite Bread Books:

Product Reviews:
I love my Machingers for free motion quilting.  Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers are helping me, too.

Please join my Flickr Quilted Cupcake Group - show us what you're up to!  

Thanks to Sew Mama Sew for a bunch of great sewing tips (we crafters love us some tips, am I right?) Here are links to the 2 tips I featured on the podcast:

Crafty Mummy's Scissor tip
Naptime Quilter's Lint Tool

Check back later this week for pictures of my new backpack, and that tweezer thing I'm loving for my machine. 

Book Review from Ep. 29:
 Appliqué Your Way

Here are the Lois Greiman Books I'm the "UN" series before "ONE" series.  Laugh-out-loud funny stuff!



Bev said...

Glad to find your blog! Your things are bright and beautiful! Please visit our blog--we are having a giveaway for free fabric! Cheery wave from Bev

Stephanie in Michigan said...

A new podcast?! Yippee! I will have to download it. We are still traveling and it will give me something to listen to in the car!

Kelly @ PatchworkAndPaperPiecing said...

Next time I come over can I request homemade salt bagels??? They look great!

Dido said...

I'm sitting here with your podcast playing while I'm meant to be kniting but wanted to check out your blog and say thanks for the podcast. I realy like the way you talk about quilting, sewing and kniting as I do a lot of the same things. So keep it up and thanks.

Unknown said...

I tried sending you a picture on your FLICKER ACCOUNT and once again technology has defeated me. Why do they not put instructions for these web pages that are easy to understand.

Love your web pages... I am getting a new bread machine for my birthday I will have to try out some of your book recomendations..... LOOKING YUMMY.

Elizabeth said...

Jean...I can't believe I thought the bobbin washers were something you washed your bobbins with. I kept hearing you talking about them and finally looked at what this could be and how could washing your bobbins make the back of your quilts better....duh..I laughed when I saw the picture. That is what I get for listening late at night. Elizabeth from CA

CraftyMummy said...

Thanks for the shout out about my scissors tip! You have some super clever things here! Off to look around some more :)

Jaye said...

I just listened to episode 29 (always behind!) and was hoping that you could say the name of the books you review at the end of the review as well as at the beginning. I also wanted to let you know that I have a couple of bullseye quilts that I have made on my blog ( I don't know how the pattern looks in the book, but thought you might want to see how I have made that pattern.