Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life Imitates Art

The best thing I got from the Nearly New sale was such a happy coincidence.  I'd just read "Applique Your Way", and was loving the cover photo of the old chair used as a bedside table.  I was on the hunt for an old school chair like in the photo.  Less than a week later, found this one at NN for $3!  How cool is that?   So, here's my attempt at a Norman Rockwell-type photo of the chair with book with a photo of the chair...

It even has some 80's hair band graffiti on the back - if you can't read it, it says Def Leppard & Poison

 My kids wanted me to paint it, but I think I'll leave it natural.  The old, scarred wood and metal give it nice texture and a sense of history.  Who knows all the stuff this chair has seen?

BTW, I'm going to review the Applique Your Way book in an upcoming podcast, so stay tuned!  If anyone's done projects from it, please let me know and/or send me photos, and I'll include them in the show!

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

That's a great chair! Don't you dare paint it! ha ha! I love the Def Leopard and Poison marks! What a riot! (Okay, painting it could be really cute, too. You're in a win-win situation!)

Vals Quilting said...

Hey Jean, how's things? This is a great chair, recently I picked up a coupld of vintage glass milk bottle transporter crates (phew that was a long name) and was thinking of you...This chair would be cute paited you know in a vintage white or something similar but keeping it natural is always good too.
PS still interested in being e-interviewed, I have an opening in June?

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Hi Jean, I just had time to listen to part of your newest podcast (haven't finished it yet). Thanks for saying hi to me! I always enjoy your posts and podcasts. Thanks for entertaining me the way you do! :-)