Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ikea, I love you So

Thanks to Lauren over at the Hello Spring! blog who alerted me,  I bought this cool fabric at Ikea this week. For a "house" lover like me, this was like finding a pot of gold. And, it was only 3.99 a yard. Oh, and you know Ikea's fabric is super wide.

I think the black background fabric would make great pillow covers. I'm thinking I'll embellish the white-background houses somehow.

And, the blue with white polkie-dots? That's sorta oilclothy. That's the technical term :) It's somehow coated, and I think would make nice totes. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Working on a new podcast, to come this week!
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Ellyn said...

ohhh cute! I might have to schedule a trip to IKEA now! LOL I think embellishing those houses on the white would be so much fun....a little embroidery here & there, maybe use some fabric markers to color them in? cool!

Nonnie Quilting Dreams said...

TSUNKNKO INKS would be great for this project too. Like the embroidery idea.

I would have to drive about 100 miles to go to Ikea... maybe I will someday just to see what there is to see.

Stephanie in Michigan said...

I have GOT to find an Ikea store... I have never lived near one...