Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Yard Sale Finds

My sister Kelly and I hit some great yard sales this weekend.  Found lots of vintage treasures, for amazing prices!  Here are a few highlights:

How about a sweet little dollie and a daisy glass - 50 cents each

We also both bought these awesome vintage mushroom canister sets.  The funny thing is that Kelly had one piece of this set from a thrift store, never expecting to find more.  Well, one house at a community yard sale had 5 more pieces for $3.  A few yards down, we found an even more complete set (including a mushroom clock - yes, I said mushroom clock!)  that we bought for $5.  Being the sweet sister that I am, I gave her the pieces she didn't already have (including the clock).  

I don't know if these were ever even used!  They're marked "Sears" and "1978", and the owner said they'd been in her attic for years (my favorite kind of find!)  As you can see, they're much larger than my teal canisters from Target (in the background), so they'll come in handy.  As I've been using the Kitchenaid and cooking more bread, etc., I go through flour like a crazy woman, so a bigger canister set is in order.  Some pieces of the set will probably find their way to my studio.

Finally, check it out - a whole bag of zippers that I bought for $1 (thanks to my sweet sis for pointing these out to me!)  Now that I know how to use zippers, I'm realizing how darn expensive those suckers are.  This is a great variety of colors and sizes, so I probably won't ever need to buy another!

I'll take some more photos of my finds to share later in the week.

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kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Wonderful finds! Soooo many things you can do with zippers!

free indeed said...

Would love to go 'saling' with you! What great finds!

Anonymous said...

I love the Cupie doll! My nana had one when I was little.

KimT said...

oh my gosh! I grew up with those canisters and I think my mother still has them! Makes me look forward to going home!

Isaac Rubinstein said...

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