Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Give a Hoot...Get Organized

I love having a notepad in my purse.  It's great to hold shopping lists, make notes on projects I think of while out and about, or create a quick sketch.  I've had a variety of notebooks over the years, but never found one I liked.   So, I decided to find a "standard" notebook that I can use over and over, and create a cover for it.  The result is this:

I made a pen pocket for the front, so I can always find one, a ribbon placeholder to tell me which list I should be following, and a pocket in the back to hold coupons or store loyalty cards.  See details:

I found the Mead  notebook yesterday at WM for $1.78 - perfect size, and I know I can buy more when I need them.

After I made it, I found out it also fits a paperback (happy accident!)  The owl fabric has been in my stash forever, as has the ribbon and charm, and I couldn't find the right project for it until now - sweet!

Once I had figured it out, I decided to make one for my Etsy shop, so please have a look -- just listed it!

7/15: ETA: this one sold, so check back later in the week for a re-stock if you're interested.


Amanda ~ A Crafty Fox said...

this is a cute gift idea! will you sell the pattern at some point?

Quilted Cupcake said...

Thanks! Not sure about pattern sales, I guess if there is enough interest.. I will take special orders if someone wants a certain type of fabric.

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

I just read the prior posts & had to laugh because I was going to ask the same thing. Are you going to be selling the patter? I really like it & would love to make one myself. Unlike you, I'm not very good with doing stuff on my own. I like to have a pattern to follow. Hope you'll think about it.

-debby, chester ny

Vals Quilting said...

Hey Jean, if you do a pattern I would like to maybe carry it in my shop this is adorable. I could likely help you write the pattern;) too if you wanted?
How's your e-interview questions coming along??

Jaye said...

FYI: Here are the directions I made for a journal cover: I originally saw some over at Exuberant Color. I saw one recently that has a pen pocket on the spine, which I thought was cool.