Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pinktober Survivor Quilt

I finally finished piecing the Breast Cancer Survivor Quilt that I started a year ago.  It's a project by my quilt guild.  It's a multi-step project by our "Pink Ladies" group.   One group cut out all the squares, the next group (including me) pieced the squares, and the last group will do the quilting.   Our "Month of Love" was postponed from last February, due to our blizzard, so now, the group's finishing projects in October.

It was nice to not have to do all the cutting, but the piecing was sorta challenging.  The pattern is called "floating stars".  It's my first try at this one, and  let's just say the seam ripper got quite a workout!  I kept forgetting the direction of the stars, and had to re-do several of the strips.

I decided to add the border to finish it off, and as a result, it turned out quite large!  The intent is to donate the finished quilts to facilities that provide chemo for breast cancer patients, to give the ladies something to cuddle under during the treatments.
p.s. - if you look closely at the top pic, you can see Dusty's rear on the bottom left of the picture, and the shadow of hubby, who was designated quilt holder.   Given Dusty's history of trying to star in my quilt pictures, I'm thinking of doing a new Flickr group - quilts and dogs.  It would be funny to see others' submissions.

Edited to Add:  I did it - just launched PetsOnProjects Group on Flickr. Please add your pics!


Pam said...

I think you could expand that group to all pets who "help" while quilting. I have several pictures of my cats either sitting in the middle of layout (on the floor, because I don't have a design wall yet), or napping in the quilt I have in progress on my machine.

I think the "Quilting Photobomb" Flickr group would be a hit.

Kate said...

Very pretty pink quilt. I think the border frames the rest of the quilt. It will just more to cuddle under!