Monday, November 22, 2010

Episode 39 Show Notes: Lifelong Learning

My big Strapping Bag, upsized from pattern in Small Stash Sewing: 24 Projects Using Designer Fat Quarters

Dusty's New Coat - he only likes to sneak in pictures (see above), not great at posing (see below)!

Lucy's Jewels quilt - loved being able to use patches cut by my mom to make this one for Project Night Night.  I even got a little fancy with the stitching, and did some free motion hearts.  I did not like the satin binding I used - very slippery and hard to keep in place.

Here's my version of the table set up recommended by Marguerita McManus - scroll down for the YouTube video and links.

Binding Tutorials on You Tube:

Missouri Quilt Co   - already tried this one, and it made a big difference for me!  It's all in the thumb action!

Straight (non-mitered) by Thimble Arts-  Good for beginners

Bonnie K. Hunter's site is awesome, with lots of great downloads and freebies:

Check back later in the week for more project pictures!


Mama Pea said...

Can't wait to listen. Long car trip coming up!

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt made from your mom's fabrics! How precious! Love the bag too!
I have been listening to your podcasts and LOVE'em!

QuiltNess (Vanessa) said...

Hi Jean, love the new Quilting extension table, looks perfect. And Dusty's new coat - sew cute. Vanessa (Australia)

Sally said...

my comments on life long learning. you are either green and growing or ripe and rotting. the hardest thing I had after I graduated with my degrees was I wasn't learning new things every day. I found ways to learn new things every day, keeps my sanity

Within A Quarter Inch said...

Jean - I love your table set up! Way to go:) Just because I 'saw' the video doesn't mean I was so quick to implement!