Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cupcake Socks!

How cute are these? Pink cupcake socks - from the Target $1 section (the best dollar section in the world, IMHO). Of course, I bought 3 pairs.

And, yes, they are for adults - see, it says so right on the tag. Who am I kidding? Even if they were for kids, I'd probably buy them anyhow and squeeze my feet into them.

My mom always liked wearing fun, colorful socks, and it's a tradition I've decided to adopt - especially since I bought some super cute Mary Jane-type shoes (also at Target) that show off my socks. However, my hand knit socks are too thick to work with my cute shoes, so these babies are perfect!

What are your favorite socks?
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LisaAnn said...

I am going to HAVE to make a Target run now! SO cute!

Jordan said...

I was JUST at target and thought it was a little funny that I got home, checked my blog reader and saw a post about the socks I just bought. I also love going to the home section and buying the hand towels they have for all the different holidays. The Valentines ones are always the best!

Ellyn said...

Must get these for my daughter! As soon as the ice melts off the roads....

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

I love cute socks! Most of mine have cats on them. I always bought cute holiday theme socks to send to my daughter when she was in college.

Chester, NY

Niki said...

As i type i have on white socks with wee red lobsters with my black Mary Janes. Probably my favorite socks are grey stripes with monkeys.