Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mary's Bag

Here's a perfect example of why I love Etsy.  This is a custom order messenger bag I just completed for a Etsy user named Mary.  It was a very cooperative project, and we talked back and forth for a few days so she could design the bag herself.  After some discussion about how it would be used, Mary chose the style of bag she wanted, and picked out the fabric.  She even picked what colors the pockets, straps, etc. would be, and I made it as a custom order.  

It was a really fun bag to make, and it turned out so nicely that now I want one for myself! Truly, it's going to be hard to part with this one.  I wouldn't have thought to put red with this fabric, but it really works well. I love the inspiration I'm getting by working together with other creative folks.

So, don't forget that Etsy artists are very open to making things to fit your needs.  If you don't see what you want in a particular shop, just contact the seller, through their "conversation" link.  In many cases, they will be happy to work with you, like I was.   You'll never see this bag at Target or Wal-Mart, but Mary will use it knowing that it's just what she wanted.

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Mary D said...


My Favorite Colors.

Can't wait to see it.

Thanks. Job Well Done!!!

Mary D said...

I love the little finishing touches

Oh its so pretty

Mama Pea said...

Very cool!!!

Beth- the mama bee said...

I agree, my customers custom requests have given me some of the best ideas! They often have great ideas for color combinations that I wouldn't have even thought of. You bag turned out great.

Quilting By Celia said...

looks great !

Anonymous said...

Jean, that's a great bag. I love it.