Saturday, March 5, 2011

Funky Town

I made up a new pattern.  It's for a small tote or purse- see photo below, I've listed the first "real" one in my Etsy shop.  See below -the colors are super bright and funky.

I've never actually been inspired to just make something without some starting point before.  This idea just sorta popped into my head - wouldn't it be cute to make a little bag with slanted sides that could hold a small knitting project?  So, I pulled out some paper, drew a pattern, and this bag is the result.  I did an earlier prototype - see below.

I do so many "seat of my pants" projects that don't always turn out, it was a nice change to think of a shape, sketch it out, and then see it come to life.  Just call me Geppetto ;)

Although I made it for knitting, I think it would make a really cute small purse, too.  I hate to drag my big bag when I'm on a serious shopping trip - like at a thrift store.  A small bag like this is the perfect solution.  Heck, it can even fit INSIDE my bigger bag.

I'm working on another one from the same pattern now, with a solid background and yo yos on the front.  Can't wait to see how that one turns out.  I'll share pics when it's done.

Hope you're making time for something creative this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

If you consider taking a dirty bathroom and using a rag and cleanser to transform it into a clean bathroom creative, then Martha better watch out