Saturday, March 12, 2011

Owls Are Back!

Oh, happy day. The Owl fabric I was desparately searching for a few weeks back is now back in stock at Joann!
Thanks to my big sis Jan, who alerted me that it was back in stock. Of course, I had to rush out and buy 5 yards of it.  Guess I have enough now to make whatever I need :)

I've heard from several fabric shops that if you see a fabric you like, buy as much as you think you'll ever need because it's unlikely that it will be reprinted. Glad that wasn't the case here, but I've learned my lesson.


Jessica said...

Super cute fabric, glad you were able to get some more!

Janet said...

I love the owl and bird fabrics that are out right now. I was at my fabric store yesterday and an new stock of owl fabric had just arrived as well. I need to go back and get several yards from three or four of the bolts so I can make a quilt. I think it would be great to dedicate the bird quilt to my grandfather who was big into bird documentation and watching. My mom still has many old bird feeders in the orchard and around the house that my grandfather used to feed the birds with.

Pind said...

I love this fabric. Do you ´knoow the name of it? I've bought it before on Etsy in interlock and am know looking for a new place to buy it since they don't have it anymore.


Quilted Cupcake said...

The fabric is called "Owls on a Branch", and it's an exclusive to Joann's print, so they're the only store that sells it.