Friday, April 22, 2011

18 inch Doll Clothes

American Girl Doll clothes.  Who would have thought I, the mother of 2 sons, would be making 18 inch doll clothes?  I don't watch Project Runway, and I've never really sewn clothing.  But, I did make clothes for my nieces' Barbie dolls when I was younger, and I've learned a few sewing tricks since then.   I also found that a lot of the American Doll clothes that are currently available are either super-expensive, or of poor quality (in the case of what you can buy at Wal Mart, etc.)  

So, I found a bunch of fun fabric (remember this post?), and got to work, making a new line of 18 inch doll clothes for my Etsy shop.   My goal is to make cute, affordable fashions for dolls.  Kind of like an American Girl H&M.  Here are a few things I've made so far, and listed.

I'll have more about this project on my upcoming podcast.  It's been a fun project, I'm learning a lot, and I'm having a ball!  I now have a legitimate excuse to use lots of pink fabric.  I'm even learning to sew knits.

If you know anyone who needs some cute American Girl or 18 inch doll clothes, I'd appreciate if you'd share my Etsy shop with them.   I have a new URL: that will take you right to my Etsy page.  I'm working on some pretty party dresses and ballerina costumes, too.


Linda said...

I made a TON of these for my granddaughter's Christmas present. It was so much fun!!!

Deanna said...

My daughter is making doll quilts for the same reason--the commercial ones aren't such nice quality, and they are FUN to make. We don't have an Etsy shop yet, but there are pictures on my blog. Your work is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Nonnie said...

I use to make the doll clothes first for my daughter then later for my grandnieces. I used fleece for some of the clothes. Made matching PJs and doll nightgowns. I also found making them on my surger made the whole process faster. My daughter loved the period clothes the best.

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