Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rick Rack Score

Rick Rack has a proud history in our family.  My mom LOVED it.  She made a lot of our clothes when we were young, and rick rack was her embellishment of choice.  She would have loved to see all the quilts that now include rick rack.  

I love it too - reminds me of mom, but it also makes me think of adding smiles to my projects.  Imagine how happy I was to find this huge bag of trimmings at my favorite thrift store, mostly rick rack.  All of this for $4.98!  Score!  I probably couldn't buy four individual packs for that much today.  The packaging was almost as much fun as the trims.  There is a scrapbooker inside me that wants to make a page with all of those funky labels.

I couldn't wait to dig into this new treasure, so I made a new Kindle/Nook cover for my shop:

I've already started working on the next podcast, so I'll be back on my regular schedule of every other Sunday.

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Cal said...

I love rick rack too, looks so beautiful on a little girl's skirt edge.

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

Hi Jean,

You would love that shop I sent you an e-mail about that I found in Lancaster, "The PA Fabric Outlet". Loads of trimmings and lots of rick rack....mostly .30 a yard. Love that you're back to podcasting. :)

Chester, NY

PegS said...

Love your blog and podcast!! Great find at the thrift store - I can only imagine all the treasures you found in that bag.

Just a quick question: I always struggle with how to attach rick-rack because if you sew down the middle, the edges eventually curl up. Do you sew down the middle and accept the curling as part of the object's "charm?"

I don't really think you could attach it any other way without detracting from the wavy appearance of the trim itself (I've thought about this a lot after using rick-rack on some aprons).

Thanks for your wisdom!

Barb said...

What a great find! I've just started using rick rack and having a blast. I especially love the HUGE rick rack... I have big plans for a quilt with that in the border!

Quilted Cupcake said...

Peg, to answer your question, I usually go with straight stitch in a matching color right down the middle. I've tried zig zag, and it never seems to work for me. Any curling after washing can usually be tamed by the iron.

Beth J said...

You find the best things and the best prices. Jealous!

Dawn said...

Rick rack is the greatest! What an awesome find!