Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vanilla Frosting Bargain

Note to the corporate world:  it is officially not possible for me to resist any product that's offered with a "Vanilla Frosting" scent.  And I bet I'm not alone!  I didn't need any of these, but I bought them.

Those clever marketing geniuses at Joann had these in the $1 bins that you have to browse through as you wait in line (I think that's a law, you must shop $1 bins). Vanilla frosting-scented shower gel, hand lotion and anti-bacterial lotion.   How could anyone resist?

A little tip: I'm so not a germaphobe; however, I do keep anti-bacterial lotion in my car - I use it after digging through stuff at thrift stores or yard sales.  If that lotion can smell like frosting, so much the better, right?  I also keep hand lotion in the car, and use it when I'm waiting at long traffic lights.  Does anyone else do that?


Niki said...

Anytime is the right time for lotion, my friend.
Now i need to go to Joann's to get this lotion cause i heart vanilla.

Kerstin said...

I keep lotion and hand santizer in my car too. Nevada is too dry not to!
Love your podcast!

Miami lasik surgery said...

Every time I go shopping I can't resist not going to cosmetic section and end up buying all kind of lotions, cremes and soaps that smell so delicious, you can eat them:vanilla, strawberry, chocolate...who can resist. I have plenty of products at home, but I never manage to use all of them.

Anonymous said...

I put on hand lotion, lipgloss, chew gum when I'm out somewhere and I get nervous.

Cary said...

Yep! I keep anti-bacterial lotion in the car, too, for exactly the same reason!