Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clipboard Chalkboard Tutorial

As promised on QuiltedCupcake Podcast Episode 43, here's the tutorial for the Clipboard Chalkboard.  I made this for my studio, as a place to note which projects are next in line. 

BTW, the last item on the list was added by my son who, even at 18, can't resist leaving me funny little notes - I love that.  He once wrote a new paragraph on a sticky note and left it inside the copy of Twilight I was reading, so I'd find it at some point.  Let's just say he's not a fan of the series.

It's a pretty simple project - here's the supply list (you can click on photo to make it larger)


  1. Cover the clipboard with a piece of your favorite paper or fabric.   I used a favorite scrapbook paper by Elsie Flanigan of Red Velvet Art fame.  Gift wrap would also work well.  I attached the paper with a glue stick.  I would imagine you could also do the same thing with double sided iron-on fusible and fabric.  
  2. Cut the self-stick chalkboard sheet (found this at Michaels) to fit inside the decorative background.
  3. Carefully apply the sticker.  You only get one shot - I ruined the first piece when I tried to reposition it, so be careful on this step.  To be sure, you could draw an outline or guidelines for placement.
  4. Tie one side of  rick rack or ribbon around a piece of chalk.  Tie the other side to the top of the clipboard.  This keeps the chalk close at hand.  As an option, you could use this same technique to tie a bit of felt or terry cloth to the clipboard to use as an eraser.
  5. Here's the fun part.  Glue a thimble upside down near the bottom of the clipboard.  I used one of my mom's old metal thimbles.  Tacky glue works well.  Let dry for at least an hour.
  6. Remember to "condition" the chalkboard before you use it.  That means to use chalk to color over the entire surface of the chalkboard.  I like to use a piece of sidewalk chalk on its side - gets the job done quickly.  Why do this?  It prevents the first thing you write on the chalkboard staying as a "ghost image" for the rest of time.  BTW, this conditioning trick works for all chalkboards!

Enjoy!  If you make one of these, please post a picture to my QuiltedCupcake Flickr group - I love to see your creations.  I'm also posting this to Pinterest, so you can bookmark it there, too.

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Linda said...

How simple and cute! Thank you. I'll have to put it on my list of things to make!
I love that your son leaves you notes. He'll make a good husband some day for some lucky girl!

Diane said...

That's adorable Jean!

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

I really, really like that! I am going to save the directions so I can make one when I've time.

Kathy said...

Great use of the Elsie!!
I L-O-V-E the look of the new blog. It's fabulous!

Jen said...

Great idea. I have some chalkboard contact paper in my craft stash. This would be a perfect use for it.