Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Elfin Fun

Hubby and I went to some Yard and Estate Sales yesterday. Lots of fun, and a beautiful day.

One of my favorite finds was a set of 3 Knee-Hugger elves for $1.
Actually, I only wanted the two on the left.

The woman running the estate sale insisted that I also take the one on the right. Yes, he's wearing a sparkly gold jumpsuit. I was going to throw him away, but he's sorta growing on me now. I think I'll call him Liberace elf.


Staci said...

These elves bring back memories! I have two elves that came on boxes of candy when I was a tiny little girl. Ever since then those two elves have been on our Christmas tree, tucked deep in the branches, where they just peeked out. My mom told me some story about how the elves were watching and reporting to Santa. My two elves are white with red collars and gloves.
Enjoy Liberace and his entourage!

PJ said...

Cute! Elvis had a gold jumpsuit,also! I love those elves, I had a tiny one that I stuck inside the bigger one's arms, but my kids must have played with them (30 years ago!). Gone forever :(

Anonymous said...

I think he did a stint as a Solid Gold dancer in the 80's

Niki said...

I didn't think that knee-hugging elves could possibly be any more disturbing until i saw Liberace elf.