Friday, June 3, 2011

Noro Shawl in Progress

Remember those random balls of Noro Silk Garden yarn I've been collecting?  Here's what they're growing up to be.   It's called the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl, from Ravelry.

You can download the original Norwegian version on Ravelry.  I found this site that offers an English translation.  I translated it into a Word table, so just email me if you'd like me to send it to you.  I found it much easier to follow that way.

I was totally inspired by Magpie Ima's version on Ravelry.  She also had some Noro to use up.

I love the waves, and how the colors change.  I'm hoping to make it super big.  It knits up very fast - this is about a week's progress.  I've done a little frogging along the way, but that just means I get to keep working with this lovely yarn.

I also found this new (to me) yarn by Bernat called Mosaic at my local AC Moore.  It's acrylic, which I usually do not like, but it's pretty nice to use.  And, it's a bargain at $5.99 a skein.   It's not Silk Garden, but the colorways are really fun.  I'm adding it in a few rows to keep the shawl from getting too dark.  

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Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

So beautiful! Noro can feel sticky sometimes and I don't like the way it feels against my skin, but the colors are irresistible, so I buy it anyway! Feather and fan is a great pattern too - interesting enough but not too complex that you need a quiet room all the time. Really nice job.