Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Use for Aprons

Another idea I found on Pinterest. Love how my aprons look tied on the kitchen stools. And, they're handy when I need them, too.  Remember that layer cake apron?  It's from way back in Podcast Episode 6!

So, have you used any of those cool ideas you've pinned?  I'm happy to say I've used several, especially recipes.  Our favorites have been Chicken Taco Casserole, Crockpot Pulled Pork (so simple - just pork loin plus root beer) and the 30 minute crusty French Bread.  Next recipe I'm trying is Oreo Cupcakes.

We did the cupcake fondue, shockingly enough, it was just OK.  The cupcakes sorta fell apart when you dipped them in the frosting.  The kids liked it, but not sure I'd do them again.

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Cajame said...

The pinny stools look adorable!

Michelle said...

That is such a cute way to display aprons -- I love it!

Linda said...

How cute! They look like they need arms posed with hands on hips and a balloon over their heads saying, "Because I'm the Mama and I said so!"