Monday, August 22, 2011

Quilted Table Runner

I've wanted to make a quilted table runner like this for a long time.  I used strips of my favorite repro fabrics, and randomly sewed them together until I reached 5 feet long.  Funny thing is that it didn't turn out as wonky as I had hoped.  I guess that's what happens when you don't measure anything but the final length, but that's OK by me.

I plan to use it to cover my triple dresser in my bedroom.
I used a lot of the same fabrics I used on my bed quilt, so it will match nicely.

I'm taking this whole week off - yippee!  Planning some fun with the kids, and lots of sewing and crafting!

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Kristin said...

Very cute! Your disappearing 9-patch was my inspiration to do my own disappearing 9-patch quilt.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty, I love your blog, and the room where work is ... wonderful. regards

Colleen said...

Adorable -- the colors are so fun and happy! I have the same issue with wonky -- if I try to make it that way, it's never wonky enough! I think the runner is perfecto though.

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

Have a wonderful week off. Happy sewing!

Chester, NY