Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heart Doll Quilt

Another UFO completed.  This was an orphan heart block that I decided to turn into a doll quilt for my Etsy shop. I backed it with fleece, which makes it nice and snuggly.

I also tried something new with the free motion quilting on this one.  Podcast listeners may remember that whenever I do free motion, I always include at least one heart in the pattern.  It's my little signature.  For this one, I added a bunch of hearts throughout the quilting.  I thought it would be fun for the recipient to count the hearts, like a little mystery to solve.  I'm going to include a sealed envelope for the buyer with the correct answer.

Speaking of dolls and such, check out this adorable little homemade wardrobe that a friend's daughter made for her American Girl doll clothes.  It's an upcycled cardboard box!  She turned her closet into a special room for her American Girl dolls.  Of course they then needed their own closet, too.  I think she may have a future as an interior designer.  She already understands the importance of using space wisely....

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Jen said...

Cute block! I made a quilt out of those blocks posted here. Love the little closet, every girl has to have one :)