Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raggedy Ann Vintage Find

Spotted this adorable vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy ceramic wall plaque at the Goodwill this week. It was done by hand - my favorite kind of ceramics. Check out the cool 70's mushrooms. Whoever painted this did such a great job, and it was in excellent condition - 2 small chips that are hardly noticeable.  And, it only cost $3!  I figure it must be 30-40 years old - I wish these vintage goodies could talk, and tell you their story.

It's already hanging in my studio. Makes me smile whenever I see it!

Raggedy Ann, Mrs. Beasley (From A Family Affair) and Baby Tender Love were my favorite dolls when I was little. Who was your favorite childhood doll?
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Niki said...

My room as a little girl was decorated in Raggedy Ann and Andy. I still have the sheets.
Randomly, i never had an Ann doll, just an Andy.

Alex and Cassandra said...

Baby Crissy all the way!!


Lynn said...

No dolls for me. I was totally into Snoopy. I also still have the sheets and sometimes even I let my son use them.

PJ said...

Pebbles Flintstone was my favorite doll when I was 8 years old!

raebeth said...

I had Andy because my older sister had Ann. Andy sat next to Tatters, my other favorite on my bed for years. They both were accidently thrown out with a bag of random stuffed animals by my mother when they were moving from my childhood home to a condo.

Anonymous said...

I adore Raggedy Ann! I have a few pieces, but I try not to "collect" anything, because I'm afraid that my home would be stuffed to the gills like my Mom's.. LOL.. This is a very cute piece. My favourite one I have is a switch plate cover similar to this.

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