Monday, November 7, 2011

Quilt Bingo Winner

My sisters and I recently went to our first quilt bingo, sponsored by our guild. So much fun! All the prizes were quilted or handmade items donated by members. If you won, you got to pick your favorite. I had my eye on this baby all night, thought it would go early. It was still there when I won (note: I've only played bingo a few times in my life, never won). My sister says I almost knocked someone else over to get to it. I dispute that claim - there was a clear path. ;)
I love the colors, and the quilting. No label, so I'm not sure who made it, but we think it was done by a local quilt studio. Love the floral design. It's a generous lap quilt size.  I was just so thrilled to win.

Both of my sisters also won, as did everyone at our table.  Lucky, fun night!

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Anonymous said...

Have you figured out if it's Soduko quilt or not (all the colors are in different places in each of the nine patches)?

Quilted Cupcake said...

Man, I didn't even notice that! I think you could be right. I've tried soduko several times, and I stink at it. Now, I love this even more, knowing that about it. Thanks for pointing it out.

LisaAnn said...

WOOHOO! How fun and exciting! We have a bingo night up the road at the Italian Club- maybe I'll go one night- Bingo is fun :)

I'm jealous that your sisters are not only nearby to play with, but also that they are not nuts and mean like mine.