Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Before and After

I've been doing some traveling for work lately. Luckily, this trip had a bit of time for relaxing, too. This is the scene in Clearwater, Florida this Sunday BEFORE the Baltimore Ravens championship game (notice my purple-painted toes):

This is what I looked like AFTER the game:

To console myself (Of course, I would have said to celebrate if they'd won), I did some fabric shopping before my flight on Monday.  Check back later this week for shop reviews and fabric eye candy!

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Katie Ringo said...

Darn you should have let me know you were so close by! Did you go to Rainbow's End?

susan said...

Funny post! Sorry for the loss! Like the new machine,,,very cool

LisaAnn said...

We felt the same way :( Dh threw a fit lol- I had to rib him about it because I wasn't nearly that bad when my Broncos lost the week beforehand. It's been SO nice to have a great season!! Hope we both do great next year!!