Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Newborn Baby Tender Love

I posted this pic of my vintage crib on my Facebook Quilted Cupcake page last week, with the promise of a story.  Here it is.  First off, NO I am not pregnant (see: star in the East comment).   I just love vintage stuff.   As mentioned on the last Podcast (Episode 51), I found this awesome handmade crib in an Amish thrift store during my recent AQS trip.  It was only $28!  It's small, and really well-made - I'm guessing it was probably used for newborns.   

I decided to leave it as is (for now) in all of its shabby chic goodness.  The only thing I'm doing is adding vintage artwork from children's books to the end panels, as shown below:

The original thought was to use it for quilt storage.  But, on a whim, I hopped over to eBay to see if I could find my "white whale" - the 1972 Newborn Baby Tender Love doll by Mattel.  This was my favorite doll from my childhood.  I loved how "real" it felt, and I clearly remember asking for and getting it for Christmas when I was six.   I took her everywhere.

I've looked for one at thrift shops for years to no avail.  I'd only ever seen them in auctions for over $250.  I wasn't looking for mint, just a reminder of my long ago baby doll. I have no idea what happened to my original one.

(note - this same group of dolls had another version (Baby Brother Tender Love) that was anatomically correct, and quite controversial at the time - mine was a girl, though, no business under the diaper).

I was stunned to find an eBay seller who was offering not one, but TWO Newborn Baby Tender Love dolls for $22 plus shipping.  Bingo!  I couldn't believe it and ordered right away.  Then, I couldn't wait for the package to arrive.  I was very pleased - both dolls were in great shape (especially for being 40 years old!), and even the hair was nice.  Isn't she just the cutest?

Of course, when they arrived, I realized they needed a new doll quilt, so I made one from some of my favorite repro fabrics.  Just simple blocks, but I love the result.  
I think the quilt looks perfect on the crib, with my mini collection of vintage baby dolls.  Newborn Baby Tender Love is my favorite still.  I'm so "chuffed" to have found one.   They're sitting in a little corner of my living room, and make me smile every time I see them.

I keep thinking of the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" story - if you give Jean a crib, she's going to want a baby and a quilt for it.

Did you have a favorite baby doll?  If so, please share your favorites in the comments.  Do you still have it?  

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Heather K said...

Aww that is so cute. I have 3yo b/g twins and my daughter is doll obsessed and I also make dolls so we have tons around. I remember my favorite doll as a little girl was Betsy Wetsy the one that peed. She made such a mess haha. Other than her I had about 900 stuffed animals.

pizzaeater said...

My favorite doll was Baby Alive. It could eat baby food and pee. It was battery driven. I loved until its head fell off and was hanging by wires. I was devastated. Maybe I will look for one someday.

Anonymous said...

Love the crib and the new quilt! My favorite was a Tiny Tears and yes, I still have it. It is in pretty good shape. I always loved baby dolls, but my dear daughter did not. She liked Barbies for the fashion aspect. :)
June (VintageInspired)

Michelle said...

I didn't have a favorite baby doll, but I did have a favorite Barbie. You can read about it here:


Your crib and and babies are adorable.

Karen said...

I have two preschool granddaughters and we love to play with our baby dolls. I have eight at my house, each with a name and unique personality. We take them to the park and other outings. I'm sure these games will be remembered by this little girls. I can't believe how much I love them too!.

The Kitchen Quilter said...

Love the crib! great score. the quilt does totaly go with it.I had really wanted a Baby Alive but my mom was horrified that it was suposed to eat and pee so she always put me off when I asked about it. About a year later I got a used one that was broken (thanks mom!) so no eating or peeing...to my moms delight, and I never really played with it!

LisaAnn said...

No shock- I have a Baby Tenderlove too :) But she is mine from 1972! We seriously must have been twins LOL!

Quilted Cupcake said...

LisaAnn,this is getting freaky - you are my sister from another mister! Good for you for holding on to your original NBTL all these years! You have to send me a picture of her!

LisaAnn said...

I just put her up on pinterest lol- http://pinterest.com/pin/253116441527322615/

Terje said...

I used to have a Mrs. Beasley doll that I adored. She "died" in a tornado when we raced to the shelter and she was left behind. We lost our house too but that's another story.

I also had a china doll that was passed down to me by my Grandmother who died prior to my birth. Looking back, I am amazed that my Mum allowed me free access to this cherished memento. I still have her and she is in great shape so apparently my Mum's trust was warranted.

Sam Eagle said...

I had the Newborn Baby Tender Love I got her when I was 3 yrs old,I called her Weezel,Weezel,took her everywere with me,she even got a bath with me,I bathed her so much her lips & cheeks turned a pale pink almost white color....I still have her in my ceder cheat never let anyone play with her but me when I was a child,I so would love to get another one...if you know were I can find one for not a seep price Please let me know...I am 42 now so I know this doll is in its 40's