Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vintage Pillowcases

Just finished a bunch of new vintage pillowcase sets with crochet lace for my Etsy shop.  I finally figured out a good method for doing the blanket stitch on the edge, and it's a lot easier than sewing the lace on afterward.

I fell in love with this hydrangea fabric - these are the only ones that aren't true vintage.

The other new pillowcases are true vintage, with new crocheted lace.

Of course, when I make pillowcases, I always use Erica's hot dog method I learned while making them for the APQ   One Million Pillowcase challenge.  They still need over 500,000 to meet the goal, so consider making a few if you can.

If you need a visual, check out this YouTube video by Missouri Quilt Co.


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I love these Jean! Great job! I saw that method on pinterest last month or so. Wish I could do it, but at least I have a straight knit down now :)