Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DC Cupcakes

I took my foster puppy to his forever home last week in Washington, D.C.  As a thank you, my friend offered to take me to lunch.  I told him we could go anywhere, as long as it was close to Georgetown Cupcake, where the TLC Show DC Cupcakes is filmed.

It was an experience for sure.  Even at 3:00 p.m., there was a line outside.  A greeter at the door holds people outside to keep the crowd inside from being over the fire permit limit.

The inside looks and smells like what my version of Heaven would be - they even pack them in pink boxes!


I brought home a dozen for the family, and they were a HUGE hit.  Yes, they cost $29 for the dozen.  Yes, I could have made 2 dozen for a fraction of the price.  But, for a cupcake lover like me, how could I resist?
So, what's your favorite cupcake flavor?

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Sarcastic Quilter said...

You know, I live in NoVA but still haven't managed to get up there and try some of those crazy cupcakes that I have no doubt are awesome.

Niki said...

My favorite cupcake flavor is FREE.
BTW, i like the new header.

LisaAnn said...

Oh how FUN! I, once again, find myself thinking how much trouble we would get in if I was still in Severna Park LOL! I like a great vanilla cupcake with either chocolate ganache or a great buttercream on top :)What is your favorite?