Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thrift Store Fail

I do love thrift shops.  However, sometimes you see some stuff that you can't imagine why anyone would buy.

How about a nice exercise bike with a metal seat?  More like a torture device.  And, the thrift shop priced it at $50! 

Longtime podcast listeners know that the clown below was even more terrifying to me.  Yikes!  It was up on a high shelf, looking down creepily at everything in the shop.  Wonder how much it cost?  I can't tell you -- no way I was picking that thing up.   

Updated 5/20/12: went back to the same shop and shockingly, the clown head is still available.


Niki said...

Why is it just a head? Why is it just a HEAD?!?

LisaAnn said...

ROFL- I cannot stand clowns either!

Unknown said...

I have a friend who collects clowns and she would be afraid. Of that one! Just found your podcast and blog, and love them both!