Friday, July 27, 2012

Baker's Rack Studio Storage

I'd been on the hunt for a baker's rack for at least a year during my thrift store trips.   I felt like Goldilocks - everyone I found had something wrong with it - too ugly, too frail, bad design.  Finally, I found one that had some potential.  I even paid "full" thrift store price of $30 - it wasn't part of the shop's 1/2 off tag sale of the day.

It was black wrought iron with tacky fake brass accents glued to each shelf.  I immediately pulled the brass stuff off.  Even after using some scary chemicals (like paint thinner), I couldn't get all the gunk off.  So, after spray painting it a happy red, I glued some pink measuring tapes to cover up the bumpy parts.

I love how it looks in my studio.   It's a great place to display my cupcakes, and keeps my most-used notions close at hand. Now, I want one for my kitchen-adjacent office. 

Having it in place also inspired me to finally put the finishing touches on my collection of aluminium canisters I'd picked up at thrift shops over the past few years.  Each one got a new drawer-pull inserted into the lid (another thing I collect - cool drawer pull hardware), and a Martha Stewart Office chalkboard label.

Love how they look with their fancy "hats" - hubs calls this one the Devo - remember the hats they wore?  Totally! :)


Sarcastic Quilter said...

Looks great!

Sandy said...

That looks awesome! And you just clued me in to something I did not know was out there.. those great chalkboard labels. I really need to put some labels on my glass canisters in my pantry, and this will work perfectly. I'm off to Staples!!!

Mego said...

LOVE IT! You did GOOD!

Heather said...

Oh I love that! It looks awesome.

Niki said...

Looks awesome!