Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cupcake Quilt

I finally finished my Cupcake Quilt!   I entered it in our Guild Quilt Show to force myself to finish it, and my "motivation" worked.  I had finished the top and then put it on "time out" a few times while trying to get the backing on it.  But, knowing it would hang in the show gave me the push I needed.  Even so, the backing was put on and taken off 4 times before the 5th and final version. 

 It's about 60 inches square, and I did it as a quilt as you go project.

I started with this quilt as an inspiration, and went from there.   I was able to fit in 24 different cupcake fabrics. It's sort of amazing to me that I had that many in my collection.  Thanks to those of you who sent me cupcake fabrics over the past few years - they are included!  I love how the pattern showcases the fabric.

The large cupcakes are upsized versions of my free Quilted Cupcake pattern that you can download via Scribd 

While I enjoyed the quilt as you go method, putting the back on was a challenge.  In the end, I added a plain white muslin backing, which I stitched edge to edge in a few spots.  So, the front is densely quilted, while the back is not.

It's far from perfect, but it is snuggly and warm, and that's what matters to me.  This is now my go-to lap quilt for the couch.  Now, I can snuggle with cupcakes without all the messy frosting.  I tested it yesterday - great naptime quilt.


Niki said...

Well done!

landscapelady said...

Very cute!

Janet said...

This is so cute. I like your design.