Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Easy Halloween Craft Ideas

Halloween Crafts are some of my favorites.   Add in the fun Ravens connection and the great combos of purple, black and glitter, and I'm a happy crafter.

Here are a few fun and easy Halloween projects.

First, a witch's hat.  Paper hat, Modge-Podged with black and white scrapbook paper, add a sparkly pom pom, spider and bow, and it's perfect.

Next, a super easy framed Raven.  I found the free printable Raven from Blooming Homestead via a Pinterest pin.  After printing it onto card stock  I put it in a $1 wooden frame that I decorated with paper and glitter.  

My favorite, and easiest, was my new Purple Tulle Wreath.  It works as both Halloween decor and a way to show my Ravens Purple Pride.

Want to make your own?  It's super easy.  This same idea can be adapted for any color or occasion (Remember my cupcake liner wreath?  Same principle.)

Here's a quick tutorial:


7" Embroidery Hoop
3 yards of Tulle
I used the $1.49 stuff at Joann.  Not the nylon netting looking stuff, one step up. 
Ribbon for bow
  1. Start with a medium-sized embroidery hoop - no need to paint it, as it will be covered up.  (Tip: don't use a hoop that's too big - I tried that, didn't like the look)
  2. Cut 2 inches strips of fashion tulle, along the width of fabric.  Note -- the exact width doesn't matter, just eyeball it.  The easiest way I found to do this is to fold the tulle into quarters (in half then in half again, selvage to selvage) and work with about 1 yard at a time. Use your rotary cutter, mat and ruler to make even cuts.  Much easier than using scissors.
  3.  Next, cut the 2" strips along the folds.  You'll end up with four strips that are 2" wide by about 14" long.
  4. Tie the stack of 4 strips to the hoop using the same way you tie a long scarf around your neck - it's called a French or Euro knot.  Click here for a video - just imagine the hoop is your neck.  I tried several different approaches to knotting the tulle, this one worked best for me.
  5. Keep going until the hoop is full.  Add a bow and a strip of tulle for hanging.  You'll have a lightweight, full wreath for Halloween, or any occasion. 
Please feel free to share these ideas on your blog, Pinterest, etc.  


Sandi Colwell said...

Love, love, love that purple wreath!

Niki said...

Thanks for that raven link. Nice.

Kathy said...

Jean - I abssolutely love the Halloween crafts! Thanks for sharing. Going to download the raven right now.