Monday, February 4, 2013


Finally, the rest of the world knows what I've known all along.  Joe Flacco is the real deal.  I still can't believe my Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl.  To paraphrase Coach Harbaugh, it wasn't pretty, but it was us.  

Can't wait to go to the parade tomorrow!  It will be mobbed and crazy and hard to find parking, but I'm going!  Waited too long for this moment.

Thanks to the Ravens for an Awesome Ride!


SewingKaren22 said...

Congratulations! As a Giants fan, I know how good it feels. ENJOY!!!

Mair said...

Congratulations to the Ravens and Baltimore. If it couldn't be my Patriots, I'm glad it was your Ravens. (And the confetti angel on the field was the best part of the post game celebration.)

Niki said...

where did you end up at the parade?