Friday, March 8, 2013

Great Thrift Store Finds Easter

Thrift stores have lots of great Easter and vintage bunny decor right now.  Here are three favorite recent finds.  I'm going to use these in my spring home decor.
Honeycomb paper bunny, 50 cents.
Plastic bunny plate with great art, $3.00

Big outdoor bunny for $2.50:

The last one's sorta creeping out my family, but I love all of them.  They just make me happy!  

Maybe the big bunny will have to start showing up in odd places, like the shower.  Our big plastic Santa has a habit of sneaking around the house.  Hmmm...maybe that's why they're worried?  LOL


Anonymous said...

Great finds! I hope I'll be as lucky as you are this season.

Niki said...

Great finds, but i gotta side with the guys on that reeeeeally creepy outdoor bunny.