Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Burlap Canvas Project

Over the weekend, I visited several antique and thrift stores.  Even if I don't buy anything, I always end up leaving inspired and full of DIY project ideas.    These burlap-covered canvases are a result of my trip to Farmhouse  Salvage.  

With all the fun printed burlap that's available now, this is a super easy project.

Just stretch the burlap over a canvas and hot-glue it to the back.  Done!

I used an 18 x 24 canvas, so these make a big statement - you could of course use a smaller size, too. 

Mine are big because I have a ledge on my staircase that I've struggled to find a way to decorate.  I can't put breakables there - found that out the hard way.  2 boys + glassware on a stairway = broken stuff.  

So, I made 2 of the canvases and paired them with some other items I already had.

I'm really happy with how it looks now.  So much better than the blank wall I'd be looking at for years.


Kathy said...

These are great, Jean. Where is the printed burlap? I haven't come across that yet.

Quilted Cupcake said...

The printed burlap is from Hobby Lobby and Joann.

Anonymous said...
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