Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY Lamp Shade Upcycle Projects & Chandys

I'm a bit obsessed with lamp shades and chandeliers lately.  If you could see the stack of lampshades in my studio, you'd think I was opening a lamp store.  I've just been so inspired by them lately.  

Here's a chandy I made for my studio from an old lampshade:

It's easy to do - just strip the old fabric off and wrap the skeleton with fabric strips.   Then, I sewed together strips of fabric and paper and hung them from the center.  Super easy and fun to do!  It works perfectly in my Quilted Cupcake studio:

Here are a few more favorite lampshade upcycle tutorials, found via Pinterest.  Links to each are listed below the photo:

Button lampshade by At Home on the Bay
Ruffled lampshade by Crafty Texas Girls
Ribbon no-sew lampshade posted on Fynes Designs
Silverware shade by Four Corners Design

Want to see more ideas?  I started 2 light-related Pinterest boards: Chandy Chandelier Love  and Light Bright.

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