Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pillow-Palooza Week 2

Another new pillow to share.  It's week two of pillow-palooza here at Quilted Cupake!  This week's new pillow is a polka dot pillow with a big bow.

It's upcycled fabric from a Target sheet, so it's super soft.  You just can't go wrong with the combo of pink and brown.  For my scrapbook friends, this reminds me of the old Cosmopolitan paper from Making Memories!

The design is loosely based on this idea pinned from Joann.  I just did one bow instead of two.


Want to know a secret?  I've already made 4 pillows in the past'll have to come back to see the rest.  I may be listing a few on my Etsy shop.

Anyone else making pillows?  Here's a pillow form tip - Ikea sells 20" x 20"  and 16" x 24" pillow forms for $3.  They're called Inner.  You may miss them because they're shrink-wrapped in the store, but I really like them.

For more pillow ideas, you can follow my Pinterest board here.

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Sandy said...

Cute pillow! Can't wait to see more ideas, I love making pillows. Thanks for the tip on the pillow forms at Ikea, will definitely look for those.