Monday, April 1, 2013

Shabby Chic Burlap Table Runner DIY

Burlap table runners are everywhere it seems.  They show up at weddings, parties and in shabby chic homes.  I love when the rugged burlap is paired with a lovely floral fabric.  So, that's how I decided to make mine.  Read on for an easy directions for making your own shabby chic burlap table runner.

Easy Burlap Table Runner Tutorial:

1.  Measure the table you want to use the table runner on. 

2.  Decide how big a ruffle you want - mine is pretty wide, about 9 inches.  

3.  Do a little math - determine how big your burlap needs to be cut by subtracting the size of the ruffle from the overall length of the runner you're making.  

3.  Cut the burlap using this method, leaving 1.5 inches extra on all 4 edges.

4.  Sew a zig zag stitch all around the burlap to keep it from unraveling   You can skip this if you don't mind a frayed edge, but I wanted a more finished look.

5. Hem the 2 long sides of the runner - I pulled out a string where I wanted the final edge to be, and used it as a guide to fold under the long edges.

6.  Create your ruffle.  I cheated a little on this step, and found a new (to me) way to make a ruffle:
  • First, cut a piece of fabric 2 times wider than the width of your runner.  
  • Hem the bottom and both sides.  
  • Then, sew a piece of elastic to the top, stretching it as you go.  Ta-da- instant ruffle. 
7.  Using the same "remove a string" trick, pin each ruffle to the runner, and sew on.

There you have it - a beautiful burlap table runner with a shabby chic fabric ruffle.

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