Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Drive-By Lilac Snatching?

Confession time.  Depending on your perspective, I may have committed a crime today.  I prefer to think of it as community outreach.

Background:  I love lilacs - they're my all-time favorite flower and scent.  Growing up, our neighbors had a lilac bush that grew along our shared fence.  Each year, around my birthday in April, it bloomed, and I would cut a few stems and bring them into my room (which was painted lilac purple, BTW).

Even after I moved away, I'd still visit my parents and cut a few stems each year.  After my parents passed away, my sister moved into the house where the lilac bush grew, so I was able to continue to get my yearly lilac fix.

Except for this year.  The old lilac bush finally died.  No pretty purple flowers for me this year.  So, I've been on the lookout for a new candidate.

Driving home in the rain today, I noticed a property that had 3 lilac bushes in full bloom.  Coincidentally, there was also a dirt road running alongside them.  So, after a moment's hesitation and a quick U-turn, I drove up beside the bush and snipped a few branches.  In case you're wondering, yes, I do keep a pair of scissors in my car -- they've come in handy on numerous occasions.  Although, now I suppose they are evidence (as is this post :)

I don't think the person who lived in the house would really mind - besides, it was sort of a free pruning, right?  

If it was a crime, I don't believe there's a jury in the world that would convict me.  I'd just show them pictures of me in my lilac bedroom, and they'd understand, right?


Kathe said...

OMG!! I have wanted to do the same thing forever! I grew up in Spokane, WA, the Lilac City and they are my favorite flower too! Our neighbors had one that I would sneak snip off each year until they dug it up (HEATHENS!) and so I have been lilac-less 8-( Enjoy the scent of your little rebel act. I didn't see nuttin'!

Jackie said...

Great story. We had lilacs growing in our yard growing up and I loved picking them. This was before I knew I was allergic, otherwise I'd have them today.

Anonymous said...
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Nancy said...

I've done this, too, at the cemetery. ;oD

LisaAnn said...

Of course lilacs are my favorite flower/scent too LOL!! My Grammy had a HUGE lilac outside of my bedroom window at her house and the scent takes me back to those wonderful times with her :)

Jennifer said...

If you have a spot in your yard, you can take a clipping from the lilac bush and root it. My mom did this with a clipping from her mom's lilac bush many years ago. You can probably google it or I can ask my mom if you want details.