Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fabric Garlands and Banners

So excited -- I just made a bunch of fun fabric garlands to launch a new section in my Etsy shop.  I've started with five, and have 2 more in progress.  They're each 6 feet long, with extra twine for hanging.   Here's an overview:

Here's the Wedding Banner - wouldn't this look great on a cake table?

Shabby Chic Garland - made from all vintage fabrics.

Cupcake/ Birthday Bunting - this one would also work in my studio!

I made one of the wedding versions with burlap and lace to hang over my bed.  Oh, and check out my new wall decor - based on this idea found on Pinterest, created by TwoGirlzStuff.

I'm looking for some product testers who'd be willing to send me photos of the wedding or birthday banners in use.  If you have a special party or wedding coming up and would be interested in sharing quality photos in exchange for free product, please contact me at 

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Niki said...

Super cool. I love the art and banner over your bed.