Tuesday, July 23, 2013

100 Fabric Choices in my Etsy Shop!

I spent some time last week organizing my studio for my Etsy shop.  It's part of the Etsy business that I don't always enjoy, but is really necessary.  Keeping track of which fabrics are in stock is always a challenge, as is updating the listings to reflect current projects.

Imagine my surprise when I realized after a day of organizing, photographing, editing and making photo collages that I now have over 100 fabric choices in my Etsy shop.   It looks like this:

Wowza.  I even surprised myself.  That's a lot of fabric.  And remember, this is fabric I don't use for myself.  My personal fabric will not be tallied - that number would be too scary.

I also spent time cleaning up my Etsy fabric blog page - the link is above.  I've decided it's the best way to handle all the choices.   I may have too many, but I do love playing with all the fun fabrics.

Google Drive is my new favorite tool for storing my Etsy listings, including the 100 fabric photos above.  Now, I can update my shop or share a project from anywhere.  Very handy when traveling!  

Feel free to add any Etsy shop tips in the comments - I'd love to hear what works for you!

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