Friday, August 2, 2013

Drop Cloth Sewing Project Roundup

As I noted on my Facebook page yesterday, I've become a bit obsessed with Painter's Drop Cloths for sewing projects.   I stumbled upon a few projects on Pinterest, and couldn't believe I'd been missing this little trend.  

Here's what you start with:
And here's what you can end up with:

Project Credits: Drop Cloth Rug by Gingiber;  Drop Cloth Bedskirt by Between You & Me; Stenciled Drop Cloth curtains by Shine Your Light; Table Runner by Cheryl Style; Drop Cloth Pillow by Top This Top That

Oh, and check out this Cabana with Drop Cloth curtains by Fancy Frugal Life:

I like the Blue Hawk brand from Lowe's the best - the 4 ft x 5 ft size is only $6 or so.  That's a lot of great fabric for not much money.  And, they come in even bigger sizes.

I've already made a bed skirt / dust ruffle- didn't take pics of it yet.  It looks a lot like the one by Between You & Me.  I just attached strips of the canvas to an existing bed skirt.  Here's an in-progress picture to show you the process - Dusty tested it during the assembly :)

My sis and I are planning to do a painted rug, and I'm using some leftovers from the dust ruffle to do a quick table runner.


Laura said...

OOOHHHH, I could make curtains for the sunny side of my screened porch. Thanks for the idea!

Sandy said...

Love using these for sewing projects. I made pillows for my patio out of them, they have held up really well :)

June said...

Thanks so much for sharing! My head is spinning with ideas - I think I am going to start with a couple of pillows... and a table runner. :)

Glenna in TX said...

That's just too clever.