Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Panasonic Cordless Iron Review

Irons are a big deal in quilting and sewing.  I can honestly say that I've done more ironing of fabric and craft projects than I've EVER ironed clothing.   In fact, if I need to iron a piece of clothing in order to wear it, I either A) Don't buy it OR B) Don't wear it unless I have no other choice.  But, in quilting, I iron a lot!!  

I've been through a variety of irons in my Quilted Cupcake studio, and with limited success.  Oh, and I have several burns on my arms from hot irons that stay plugged in while quilting  (I'll spare you the scar pictures, lest this post turn into an homage to Jaws!)

So, when Panasonic asked me to test drive a new cordless iron, I was happy to do it.  I tried the Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam/Dry Iron and Charging Base with Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate  at home and on the road to see how it would perform in a variety of settings.

Quick review:  I. Love. It.

For those looking for more details --  
  • Love that it's cordless, and it gets HOT.  The base stays plugged in, and you can put the hot iron right back on the base.  That's the best part - my iron no longer sits up on my table ready to provide another burn.
  • The Panasonic iron is lightweight, and powerful.  The steam is also quite good - better than on others I've tried.
  • Before I started using it, I was a little concerned that the cordless part of this iron design would disappoint me. I'd used a cordless iron before (not Panasonic, it was a thrift store model), and was not impressed.  The cordless feature is in fact a huge PLUS!  You can move all around the room with the iron without a cord tangling.
  • I was also worried that I wouldn't like the auto-off feature - I like to be Ready To Go when quilting, and I picked my old iron specifically because it didn't have auto turn off.  After many sewing sessions using the new Panasonic iron, I realized that it stays hot for a while after you put it down on the cradle. And, if I've been away from it for a bit, I just push a few buttons and it heats up quickly.

  • Finally, the heat-resistant carrying case is Sweeeet.  It was so easy to pack the iron for my recent crafty weekend.  And, I didn't have to wait for it to cool down before packing it up on the last day.  Plus, it's a cute teal color!

You can find a local retailer here - the suggested retail price is $69.95, and it's very much worth it!  You can also find it at Wal-Mart

I can't imagine using another iron now.  It's that good!

Next week, I'll post pics of the new ironing station I created to go along with the iron.  

Disclosure: Please note: I was NOT financially compensated for this post.  I received  supplies for review purposes.  As with all content on my blog, the above project and comments are completely my own, based on my own experience.


Terri C said...

Sounds perfect for me! I've worn out so many irons its not funny, but I do iron all my clothes because I only let them drip dry. I get so tired of messing with the cord!

June said...

I do need a new iron and this one might just be the ticket! I do iron EVERY day and I have been looking for one that stays hot.

Renea said...

Thanks for the review. I have been wanting a cordless iron for a long time now but could not justify the price of them. I will be on the look out for this one.

Jackie said...

Great review. I am sold! Thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review on the iron. I am searching for a new iron. I am not pleased with my Rowenta since it leaks. I will have to look around for this iron out here.