Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 Tips for Making Paper Rosettes

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know that I'm a bit obsessed with making paper rosettes, also called lollies or pinwheels.  I've made a bunch for Halloween decorating, and I'm already looking forward to making more rosettes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day!

Here are a few tips and tricks for making your own paper lollies!  Please feel free to Pin and share these rosette tips.

Tip #1: 
Every rosette needs something in the center.  First of all, you need to cover up the middle where you glue the pieces together.  Second, it's fun to layer a bunch of stuff to get different looks.  This one has a free vintage Halloween printable cat I found on Pinterest.  I've also used buttons, bling and letters for the centers.

Tip #2:  
Use a wide variety of materials in your rosettes.  This big one has wrapping paper (the black and white layer), a paper cake doily, a dollar store pumpkin tissue paper shape as well as scrapbook paper and embellishments.  It's hanging from a ribbon in my powder room.

I also use book paper (ripped from thrift store books) and sheet music - they're some of my favorites.  Other ideas: cupcake wrappers, kraft paper, tissue paper and wax paper.  

Tip #3
Glitter and hot glue are your friends.  Glitter: I apply Mod Podge to the edges of at least one layer of my paper lollies with a cheap kids' paintbrush before sprinkling on the glitter.  It helps to provide a consistent, even distribution.  Martha's fine glitter is my favorite. Hot glue: useful for assembling layers and the pieces of the pinwheel.  

Tip #4
Add a stick!  Not all lollies need a stick, but that does make them easier to display - sort of like a bouquet of flowers.  I use either a dowel or skewer (depending on how heavy the lollies are).  For these, I slipped the dowel inside a fun Halloween straw. You could also use a holiday-themed pencil as a good lollie stick - you can always find those at the dollar store!

Tip #5

There are many ways to make and use paper rosettes.  I did purchase the Cricut Ribbons & Rosettes cartridge; however, it's not necessary in order to have fun with paper pinwheels.  I do find that the Martha Stewart large scoring board helps - you can find at at Joann for around $20, less with a coupon!  Totally worth it.  I use a blunt knitting needle to do the scoring, as the supplied tool resulted in my tearing through the paper.

Here's a great video from Jennifer McGuire that demonstrates an easy way to make paper rosettes.  Be warned- I watched that and it started me on this kick.  You may not be able to stop either!

Check back soon - I'll show how I used another set of paper rosettes for a Halloween banner.


Sandi Colwell said...

Those came out fantastic!

Niki said...

Oh paper... is there anything you can't do?
I've putting some little flowers and rosettes on cards.
Your large one look great!